We believe in DNA re-engineering and drive our work with passion and soul. For us every project is unique in form and function and every opportunity leads to better learning over and over. We don't stop until our visions burst into your reality.

01/ Write

The problem
  • Incomplete writing
  • Incorrect writing
  • Confused writing
  • Irrelevent writing
Our Solution
  • Focus quickly on the purpose of any writing task.
  • Sequence information and thoughts to better the outcome
  • Clear and concise sentences
  • Strengthen content using punctuation, grammar,lists and other tools.

02/ Speak

The problem
  • Poor Confidence level
  • Low or No foundation of English Language
  • No verbative expression of ideas
  • Challenge to find a good instructor
Our Solution
  • Understand the foundation of English Language
  • Never try and learn English – it calls for expressions and not memory
  • Comprehensive "No Paper" information download
  • Learn from instructors who learnt English the hard way.

03/ Walk

The Problem
  • The fear of unknown
  • Handling conflict, stress, success and failure before handling responsibiity
  • Body Language – myths and facts
  • Impressions – first or last?
Our Solution
  • Fear – an emotion not too strong to take down your career
  • Conflict, stress, success and failure all have a positive side.
  • Positive body language is a skill to be acquired with guidence and observation.
  • Impressions – Learning begins the day your impression questions your personality.

04/ Lead

The Problem
  • Leaders vs Managers
  • Poor confidence
  • Incorrect career choices
  • Fear of others outrunning you
Our Solution
  • Leaders lead by example while managers manage people
  • Our program faciliates confidence as the spine to leadership and leaders
  • An incorrect career path can make or break the deal
  • Leaders do not manifest fear – Team Work is key

05/ Think

The Problem
  • Translation from Hindi to English
  • Poor thought connectivity
  • Decisioning Ability
  • Good choices versus bad choices
Our Solution
  • Hindi and English are two different plantes that revolve around each other for existence.
  • Ability to align your thoughts to savour a lasting impression
  • We assist you at each step to better your decisions and own the responsibility.
  • We help you understand choices are independent however they also lead to bigger opportunities

06/ People

The Problem
  • Inability of aceeptence and confessions in life.
  • Inabiliy to manage anxiety and stress
  • Anger Management
  • Closed communication channels
The Solution
  • Acceptence and confessions make up for better people both at work & home
  • We help you foster anxiety and stress at optimum levels of success
  • Anger - Strong emotion to hide behind self shortcomings
  • It is important to talk to resolve conflict, to gain knowledge and to evolve